TA Serisi TA9 Yeni


Designed for the large job site the TA9 offers versatility for your material movement. With a skip payload of 9000kg, choose between straight tip skip for bulk material movement or the 180 degree power swivel skip which allows precision placement of loads to either side of the machine. A powerful 55kw (74hp) Stage IIIB (Tier 4 Final) engine meets emissions compliance without the need for exhaust aftertreatment. A synchro shuttle transmission provides 4 forward and 4 reverse gears with a maximum travel speed of 25kph (15mph), Optional powershift with Autoshift transmission improves productivity and fuel efficiency by automatically selecting the correct gear for the required application.

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TA9 Yeni Fotoğraf Galerisi

Teknik Özellikler

Total operating weight (kg) 5335
Overall width (mm) 2500 / 2380
Overall Length (mm) 4484 / 4666
Travel speed (km/h) 24,8
Engine power (kW/hp) 55 / 74
Payload (Kg) 9000

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