TA Serisi TA2H Yeni


With a skip payload of 2000kg and options such as a straight tip skip (TA2H), 180 degree power swivel tip skip (TA2SH) or an elevating swivel tip skip (TA2SEH) the TA2H range can fit the requirements of many small jobsites. The Hydrostatic transmission delivers smooth and uninterrupted power for the operator. Simple user friendly controls help all operators adapt quickly

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Teknik Özellikler

Total operating weight (kg) 1425
Overall width (mm) 1492
Overall Length (mm) 3570
Travel speed (km/h) 16
Engine power (kW/hp) 24.5 / 32.6
Payload (Kg) 2000

1 İla 3 Ton The rest of the range